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Energetic Protection Online 

a Life Force Arts Shamanic Level 1 Seminar

Cost: $150 (includes required book)

This is one of three seminars of Life Force Arts Shamanic Training Level 1.
Do you feel drained of energy when you're near certain people or places? Are you an "energetic sponge" who absorbs disturbing emotions of sadness, fear and anger from those around you, such as family members, clients, co-workers, or just people you pass by on the street or bus? Are you exhausted rather than energized by the work you do? Are you experiencing burn out due to chaotic energies or heavy emotions that surround you at work or in your personal life?

If you're ready to stop this power loss and energy drainage, let modern Shamanic Practitioner Joan Forest Mage be your guide in learning Energetic Protection.
  • ~Identify and learn to protect your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

  • ~Learn to ground your energy, remove energetic blockages and intrusions and prevent energy drainage

  • ~Examine and transform unconscious intentions and core beliefs that may be opening you to energy loss

  • ~Learn practical points on handling relationships that are energetically draining

  • ~Invigorate your body's major energy centers (chakras)

  • ~Align your energy with the Elements (Air, Earth, Water and Fire) to both increase and protect your energy

  • ~Find your Power Animal other helpful spirit guides to help protect you

This is a home study course. Online, you view several videos and written exercises in which Joan shares everything from practical, down-to-earth advice to mystic lore about energy. Follow along, practicing powerful techniques including visualization, breathing and simple body movement. Written assignments based in the book The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette (cost of book is included in the tuition) are given that will help you integrate what you have learned. When you register and pay for the course, you will be given links to the video and the online discussion venue for posting your responses to the assignments, which Joan will review and comment on. This is not a webinar, you can do the assignments at your own pace. The course should be completed within 8 weeks of registering.
No Prerequisite. Required reading: The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette. Cost: $150 (includes required books). This is one of three month-long seminars in Level 1 of Life Force Shamanic Training, a contemporary form of shamanic practice. The three seminars in Level 1 are: Energetic Protection, Shamanic Journeying and Sensing Energy. You can start Level 1 with any of the three seminars.
Joan Forest Mage ( is proud to serve as a shamanic artist, teacher and healer in her hometown of Chicago. She is the founder and Executive Director of Life Force Arts Foundation, dedicated to activating the spiritual power of the visual, literary and performing arts. First awakened to an understanding of the human energy field through her life-long profession of music and dance, Joan studied energy work, shamanism and healing ritual with numerous teachers, and has been doing shamanic healing since 1995, performing more than 700 Soul Retrieval healing sessions. Joan earned a Master of Arts Degree from School for New Learning, De Paul University, Chicago, with the focus area "Creating Healing Ritual Through the Arts." She is one of the contributing authors of Healing with Art and Soul: Engaging Ones Self Through Art Modalities, a book on Expressive Arts Therapy. Joan is the creator of Life Force Shamanic training, a comprehensive program of shamanic study from beginning practice to training to be a shamanic healer and ritual leader/teacher. Joan also continues her artistic work, giving shamanic music and dance performances with her company Life Force Arts Ensemble.

The Feline Art of Sacred Self Indulgence
an Oracle Card Deck by Sharon Bechtold

Tap into the wisdom of cats with this 42 card oracle deck by

Shamanic Artist-Author Sharon Bechtold. Guidebook included.

Read an excerpt from Cattitude

Cattitude Oracle deck Large book $45 (includes shipping)

Cattitude Oracle deck Small book $33 (includes shipping)

Soul Reflection Oracle Deck

by Lisa Nomikos & Lisa Gniady

This 45 card oracle deck features inspiring artwork by Lisa Nomikos and divinely guided interpretations by Lisa Gniady.

Study the images, embrace the words and forever be changed! Read an article by Team Lisa


Soul Reflection Oracle Deck $37 (includes shipping)


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A Pictograph Oracle Deck by Artist-Author Dorothy Graden 

Artist-Author Dorothy Graden has embodied her life's work of creating original artwork inspired by ancient rock art in her new Pictograph Oracle Deck. Read an article by Dorothy about Rock Art

The card deck features 21 images (72 cards) of Dorothy Graden's artwork based in this rock art. The deck serves a dual purpose: it can be used to play standard card games, or the mesmerizing images on the cards can be used for intuitive readings. The deck comes with all instructions and an oracle guidebook.

Go To The Gallery Pictograph Oracle Deck $57 (includes shipping)

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