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The Feline Art of Sacred Self Indulgence
an Oracle Card Deck by Sharon Bechtold

Tap into the wisdom of cats with this 42 card oracle deck by

Shamanic Artist-Author Sharon Bechtold. Guidebook included.

Read an excerpt from Cattitude

Cattitude Oracle deck Large book $45 (includes shipping)

Cattitude Oracle deck Small book $33 (includes shipping)

Soul Reflection Oracle Deck

by Lisa Nomikos & Lisa Gniady

This 45 card oracle deck features inspiring artwork by Lisa Nomikos and divinely guided interpretations by Lisa Gniady.

Study the images, embrace the words and forever be changed! Read an article by Team Lisa


Soul Reflection Oracle Deck $37 (includes shipping)


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A Pictograph Oracle Deck by Artist-Author Dorothy Graden 

Artist-Author Dorothy Graden has embodied her life's work of creating original artwork inspired by ancient rock art in her new Pictograph Oracle Deck. Read an article by Dorothy about Rock Art

The card deck features 21 images (72 cards) of Dorothy Graden's artwork based in this rock art. The deck serves a dual purpose: it can be used to play standard card games, or the mesmerizing images on the cards can be used for intuitive readings. The deck comes with all instructions and an oracle guidebook.

Go To The Gallery Pictograph Oracle Deck $57 (includes shipping)

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