Life Force Wheel: The Tribe & The Sovereign (October 11 - November 18, 2014)

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 The fifth in a series of multiarts shows exploring the deep Archetypes of human existence

Exhibit runs October 11 - November 18, 2014
Free admission to exhibit &
Opening & Closing Receptions
Explore the Tribe and Sovereign Archetypes, the Community and Community Leader, as Life Force Arts Foundation presents the art exhibit and multiarts show Life Force Wheel:The Tribe & The Sovereign, running October 11 - November 18, 2014 at Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W. Belmont, Chicago IL 60657. Opening Reception is Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 6 - 10 PM. Closing Reception is Tuesday, November 18, 2014 from 7 - 9 PM. Gallery hours are Mondays and Thursdays 1:30 - 6:30 PM, and by appointment. Admission is free to the exhibit and Opening and Closing Receptions. Workshops, performances and other events related to the theme of The Tribe & Sovereign Archetypes will  be held as part of the show. For more information, please contact Joan Forest Mage, Executive Director, (773)

The Tribe is a community that forms through some creative process, arriving at a common form and energy or group spirit. A Tribe values and integrates the talents of each of its members. Each member of the Tribe is a Sovereign in the sense that he/she has the autonomy to make decisions about his/her own participation in the Tribe and its work.

The Sovereign serves the Tribe as its leader. The Sovereign creates peace and prosperity among the individuals of the Tribe, as well as between the Tribe and Nature and the Spirit Realm. The Sovereign is intimately aware of the needs both the people and the land, and feels the people and the land as extensions of his/her energy body. The Sovereign does not defend him/herself as the Warrior does. Therefore, the Sovereign never wears armor.
The artwork in this exhibit features a wide variety of media including painting, photography, sculpture, fabric art and installation. Life Force Arts Foundation Executive Director Joan Forest Mage says, "It's fascinating to see the interpretations artists have about this theme. From depictions of ancient sovereigns to tribal celebrations,  from the connection of the human community and nature to explorations of personal tribes, this show expands our understanding of these powerful Archetypes."

Life Force Wheel:The Tribe & The Sovereign is the fifth in a series of shows called Life Force Wheel. This year-long, six show series of art exhibits and multiarts presentations will explore the deep Archetypes of human existence. The Life Force Wheel is a spiritual teaching based in ancient, universal wisdom, received through inspiration by modern shamanic practitioner Joan Forest Mage. The Wheel is based in a deep awareness of our unity with all beings, and seeks to foster healthy relationships between the individual, human society, nature and the spirit realm. The six show series began on December 8, 2013 with the Teacher Archetype and concludes January 13, 2015 with the True Self Archetype. All shows will be held at Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W. Belmont, Chicago.

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Featured artists for Life Force Wheel: The Tribe & Sovereign

Steven Blaine Adams
Loretta Angelica
Eva Coss
Cortez Curtis
Mariela de la Paz
Kurt Fondriest
Dorothy Graden
Terry Hall
Amy Hassan
John Henderson
Colleen Koziara                                                                Thom Lausch
Karin Levitski
Paul Rucker
Diana Rudaitis
Szmeralda Shanel

There are ten Archetypes on the Life Force Wheel. Each is a role which contributes to the harmony between the individual and the Web of Life. The Life Force Wheel series of shows  includes art exhibits, performances, poetry readings, workshops, lectures and other events to help the audience gain the wisdom of each Archetypal energy.

The mission of Life Force Arts Foundation (LFA) is to celebrate and activate the spiritual power of the visual, literary and performing arts in artists and audiences. We focus on the arts as a common ground of human expression, where artists of diverse spiritual traditions present artistically excellent exhibits, events and publications to awaken human potential, create spiritual transformation and connect audiences to the mystical dimension.

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