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Life Force Arts Ensemble presents juried art exhibits. Our exhibits are based on themes related to the Life Force Arts Method, a modern version of universal wisdom teachings that value true self and creative community. We have two exhibits per year, each of which runs about 5 months. The exhibits feature beautiful and energetically powerful artwork of all styles and media. The artwork creates a sacred space for the performances of Life Force Arts Ensemble, and the Healing Arts Intensives held in conjunction with the themes of the performances and exhibits.

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Our Current Call for Artists

     The Soul's Home 

the second of two multiarts shows exploring your True Self & your authentic expression as a valued member of Creative Community

The Call for Artists for The Soul's Home exhibit will be out by March 1. Please check back! The exhibit will open August 1.

About Life Force Arts Method (LFAM), the Ensemble, and the history of how the exhibits relate to LFAM

For some examples of the Performances of the Life Force Arts Ensemble, and how the performances incorporate the visual art in the exhibits,
please click on these links.

~ Fire Rooster: LFAE's Performance Exploring Labels, Names & Identities

In other words, the exhibits at Life Force Arts Center create the sacred space for the healing rituals of the performances and their accompanying Healing Arts Intensives. They are based in and share/teach the different sections of the Life Force Arts Method/Wheel (LFAM). See below for more history in the last 5 years of how the exhibits are based in LFAM.
History of how LFAE exhibits are based in LFAM 2013 - 2018
Here is the list of LFAE exhibits starting in late 2013. You can see the complete list of all LFAE exhibits by clicking here
Here is the list of the series for each year, and the corresponding part of the Life Force Arts Method/Wheel that each exemplifies
2014: Life Force Wheel - the Archetypes of the Wheel
2015: The Spiritual Power of Art - The 4 Communities: Self & Society (Human), Nature, Spirit

2016: The Creative Soul - defining what Art is, the first of the Four Fields of Human Endeavor
2017: Art: The Language of Learning , Healing & Community - The other three Fields of Human Endeavor
2018: The Skills of Youth and Maturity - The Skills of Life. Streaming & Osmosis are the Skills of Youth and Dialogue & Crystallizing are the Skills of Maturity
2019: The Waxing Year & The Waning Year - The transformative  power of the seasonal festivals


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