| Wednesday, December 11, 2019 |
Global event

"Rozhanitsa Brings The Sun" LFAE Performance

7:30 PM » 9:30 PM

Please join Life Force Arts Ensemble for another in our series of performances created for each of the eight Wheel of the Year Festivals. Surrounded by the beautiful artwork in the current LFA art exhibit The Waning Year we use music, movement, story and visual art to catalyze a highly transformative event.

In tonight's healing ritual we discover the transformative power of attuning to nature's seasons at Midwinter, December 22, the darkest night of year and the time of the sun's rebirth. We will invoke Rozhanitsa, the ancient Deer Mother, who brings the sun back at the Winter Solstice, and is the prototype of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer. We will delve deep into ancestral memory and how the Tribe, Sovereign & Teacher sustain the rhythmic cycles that renew life.

The old Hungarian folk song "The Legend of the Hind" sings of Rozhanitsa

Wondrous headed doe, with horns of a thousand branches and knobs
Thousand branches and knobs and of a thousand bright candles
Amongst its horns it carries the light of the blessed sun
On its forehead there is a star, on its chest the moon
And it starts along the banks of the shining heavenly Danube
That it may be the messenger of heaven and bringer of news
About our creator and caring god

Creative Team for Rozhanitsa Brings The Sun: Natalja Aicardi, Barry Bennett, Aura Chapa, Joan Forest Mage and Kristen Wray; based on artwork by Mary Burton.

Life Force Arts Ensemble (LFAE) is a company of visual, literary and performing artists who commune with soul and spirit to create transformation through the arts based in the Life Force Arts Method, a modern version of universal wisdom teachings that value true self and creative community. LFAE creates original performances in the sacred space of our visual art exhibits combining dance, vocal and instrumental music, acting, storytelling and poetry. Through the arts, the Ensemble channels powerful spiritual energy to activate profound transformation for their audiences.