| Sunday, November 17, 2019 |
Global event

LFA Voice & Movement Training Level 2

10:00 AM » 12:00 PM

You must complete the Voice & Movement Intro class series as a prerequisite for taking the Level 2 class. Please contact Joan at to register for the Level 2 class. Click here for more information on Voice & Movement Intro class.

Global event

Painting The Wheel of the Year: Wheel Template 3 & 4 with Colleen Koziara

2:00 PM » 7:00 PM

NOTE: This is a double session, covering the material in sessions 3 and 4, so class will be 2 - 7 PM

The Wheel of the Year. Time, not linear but circular. Round and round we go, and have always gone. Since the beginning of time, humans, of every faith and culture, have found time best tracked in circles. Humans have created stone circles aligned with the seasons for at least 200,000 years. Everything in life falls comfortably somewhere upon the spokes of the wheel of time. The times of day, the seasons, the astrological calendar, the trees and symbols of the Ogham, Alchemy, Festivals, ages of human life, the colors, musical notes, emotions, tides. All of time, all of creation.

This is what we will explore in this year-long series of painting classes held once a month.  Eight of our sessions will focus on the seasonal festival: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lughnassadh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule. For these sessions, we will create acrylic on canvas paintings.

Four of our sessions will focus on the Wheel of the Year Template as a whole. In these sessions, each participant will use ink pens, markers, paint, and/or collage on acetate sheets to create a multi-layered depiction of a personalized Wheel meaningful to their own life path.

Our theme for November 17: Wheel Template 3 & 4 
Session 3 & 4 of 4 on the Template of the Wheel. Here we will continue our creation of a multilayered clear acetate diagram that symbolizes exactly what layers and correspondences we personally feel are best included in our personal representation of the passing of a year in our own life. We will review and consider the wheels created from cultures and traditions around the world and across all the ages of time, and then we will design and create our own personal Wheel of the Year.

All materials will be supplied and no previous experience is necessary.  The class will begin with a smudging and guided meditation, and continue on with the painting session. Each session will include a central space arrangement of items that speak to the season and the spoke upon the wheel that is our focus for that session.

Additionally, each student will be provided with a computer file, and a link to a YouTube Playlist that features a wide variety of supportive documentation on The Wheel as it appears in its many varied forms and focuses: images of Circles, Mandalas and Wheels of the Year from a wide variety of cultures and locations as well as stories and legends from around the world to be used as reference material for their study.

Pre-registration is required due to material and supply orders that must be placed.

NOTE: This is a double session, covering the material in sessions 3 and 4, so class will be 2 - 7 PM

Sunday, November 17: Wheel Template 3 & 4

$55/$45 early registration by November 10

Painting The Wheel of the Year series: 12 Sundays

Remaining dates

  • November 17 – Wheel Template 3 & 4
  • December 15 – Yule

Each session is paid for separately. Each class is $55/$45 early registration by one week before class. Attend 5 sessions and your sixth class is free! Each session is a stand alone class and you need not attend them all. However, the full experience of all 12 Sessions is HIGHLY recommended.

Colleen Koziara grew up in northern Wisconsin on a farm, on an island. Seeing the magic of nature and the stories that it told filled her with a childlike sense of wonder, which she strives to capture in her artwork. Each of her works is a doorway through which the viewer may journey. Colleen attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and has illustrated more than 20 books. A Reiki Master and Ovate member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, she has been presenting, writing and providing art for Circle Sanctuary since 2002, and designed the Pagan Spirit Gathering logos for 2010-2018. Colleen is also in her 7th year studying as a Firekeeper. Colleen gives private art instruction from her home for all ages; creates Body Art and Custom Tattoo Designs; Visionary Art; and Commissioned pieces manifested from the visions and dreams of her clients. She works extensively with Elders teaching art and yoga, and has received for designing programs for seniors.

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