| Sunday, September 15, 2019 |
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Transits, Tracking & You, Part 2: Astrology for 2019 with Elena Sakopoulos

1:00 PM » 4:00 PM

Following the movement of planets and celestial bodies provides great insight into the energy we have to work with at any point in time. Overlaying astrological transits (current positions of planets) onto your own chart can be a powerful predictive and supportive tool. For example, what might you experience for the couple of years that Saturn opposes your Sun sign? Or what type of social outing might you want to schedule when the Moon passes over your Venus on Friday evening? Knowing our transits helps us make decisions about our goals, priorities, and self-care practices.

This course will explore astrological transits for July through December 2019, during the the waning (days getting shorter) half of the year. Fall and Winter are all about harvesting, going inward and processing the past, and we've got lots of support from the planets around these themes at this time. We will look at examples from participants’ charts and in keeping with LFAF’s art exhibit The Waning Year, will explore what the transits have to tell us about this time of the year.

If you’re familiar with your birth chart and are excited to use that knowledge on a practical, day-to-day basis, this is the course for you! Part One of this workshop on May 5 explored transits of the Waxing Year, 2019.

WHAT TO BRING: a copy of your astrological chart, on paper if you have it. If you have not worked with your astrological chart yet, you can still attend this workshop! Please email your birth date, time (24 hour format) and location (city, state, and country) to and Elena will bring a copy of your chart.

Elena Sakopoulos ( is an astrologer with a passion for helping others uncover their true selves. She sees clients in both the Chicago area and online, helping individuals uncover the hidden gifts that are spelled out in their astrological chart. Elena is self-taught with over four years of experience, and is in the process of obtaining certification from the National Council for Geocosmic Research's Professional Astrologers Alliance.

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