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Special Offer! Fall 2019 Healing Arts Intensive

12:00 AM

The Healing Arts Intensive (HAI) at Life Force Arts Foundation is a life-changing experience of transformation and healing in community. Participants experience the universal wisdom concepts of the Life Force Arts Method (LFAM) as a powerful tool to create transformation in all areas of life, whatever form of change they may need: healing, learning, development, transition. Each participant focuses on a personal Transformational Goal as we engage in Interdisciplinary Artmaking (visual art, writing, dance, theater, music, storytelling) and attend a performance of Life Force Arts Ensemble that furthers their transformation.

Special Offer! Because this is a new program, we are offering it at half price! Normally a Healing Arts Intensive would be $150, but if you pay by June 28 for an Intensive that will be held this upcoming fall season, the cost is only $75.

Four Healing Arts intensives will be offered in Fall 2019. Dates are TBD, and will occur between August 15, 2019 - January 8, 2020. Your registration money paid for by June 28 may be applied to any one of the four Intensives. (You are welcome to purchase more than one Intensive!)

Don't live in Chicago? You can still join us! Most of the sessions can be done remotely. Please contact me at or 773-327-7224 for more information.

Healing Arts Intensive for Fall 2019 (half price discount by June 28): $75

To purchase more than one Intensive, make an additional Paypal payment.

What it is a Healing Arts Intensive?

  • Life Force Arts Method (LFAM) - Healing Arts Intensives are based in the Life Force Arts Method, a modern version of universal wisdom teachings that value true self and creative community. Through the arts, we learn 4 Skills that give us the wisdom to deal with the basic issues of human life from a place of empowerment and joy
  • Transformational Goal - Each participant focuses on a personal Transformational Goal (Intention) that they want to see fulfilled by the end of the Intensive
  • Artmaking - Art is the activity that creates the shift for each participant to actualize their Transformation Goal. We use an interdisciplinary approach which may include visual art, writing, dance, theater, music, storytelling and other forms of artistic expression, based on the needs and preferences of the participants.
  • Performance by Life Force Arts Ensemble -

The Format

  • ~ Each Healing Arts Intensive has a Group of three to twelve participants guided by a Facilitator

  • ~There are four sessions, usually meeting once per week for four weeks. The sessions are 3 hours each

  • ~The sessions are:
  • 1) Orientation
  • 2) attending a Healing Performance by Life Force Arts Ensemble
  • 3) Interdisciplinary Artmaking
  • 4  Closure

  • ~Between the sessions, participants are guided in designing their own individual self-reflective and artistic practices as part of the process of accomplishing their Transformational Goal

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