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Cancelled - Energy Tool Kit for Everyday Life with Melissa Hadder

7:00 PM » 8:30 PM

This event has been cancelled

Do you feel sensitive to energy? Have you ever wanted to learn how to maneuver more gracefully thru the energetic fields that are all around us? If you need help letting go of old baggage, resetting your energy, or feeling grounded, you will benefit from attending Energy Toolkit for Everyday Life.

My mission is to make energy skills available to everyone. We can all benefit from balancing our states of mind and enhancing our environments. Building an energy toolkit equips us with the skills to better understand the universal energies that are everywhere. This helps us better understand ourselves and others as well.

During class we will explore methods I have derived from studying a wide array of traditions and techniques. Among them are these:

Centering and Grounding, we connect to the magnetic force of the earth and invite in the celestial infinite, and we find the center in our own hearts. This is the basic technique that is the foundation of all the others.
Releasing and Integrating, we clear our energy fields to make space for fresh energy.
Reclaiming Scattered Energy, now that our field is a blank canvas, we can call back the energy we have left behind thru time and space.
Sensing Energy, we begin to explore the luminescent egg that surrounds each of our bodies. We learn to feel where our own energetic borders are so we can start to tell the difference between our own energy and someone else's.
Spacial Energetics, we learn to the the energy of a particular space, either in person or at a distance. Then we can intentionally reset the energy of that space.
Personal Energetics is really what the whole class is about. We will take this beyond the basic grounding technique and learn to clear and reset our own personal fields.

When we learn how to balance ourselves, we are doing our own small part to create a more balanced world.

Melissa Hadder has spent the last two decades acquiring a vast body of knowledge in the healing arts. Her toolkit includes a wide variety of energy and bodywork modalities. She integrates all of these into an intuitively guided healing experience. Her mission is to make energy skills accessible to everyone. Anyone who feels sensitive to energy would benefit from having a session or attending a class with Melissa.

Melissa has known since early childhood that she was meant to seek truth and wisdom. In her 20s she began an independent study to develop her innate intuitive abilities. Melissa's deep spiritual curiosity naturally led her to the healer's path. In 1999, she began formal training in energy healing. In 2009 she began her advanced training at a spiritual learning center in upstate New York. With the philosophy that learning is a lifelong pursuit, she continues her studies at every opportunity. She extends that same invitation to all.

Cost: $22

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