| Saturday, January 18, 2020 |
Global event

Family Constellations with Barry Krost

1:00 PM » 5:00 PM

image: Midwinter Tale 3 (c) Mary Burton

Family Constellations explore how hidden forces in our family systems, sometimes over multiple generations, can influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences. Tapping into a “knowing field” that surrounds each family allows us to explore this living phenomenon with participants volunteering to represent family members, ancestors or other elements of a family system for another participant.

During the workshop, we search for possible solutions that restore order and balance to the family system that lead to movement and growth. In the process, hidden and unexpected dynamics operating within the system are revealed and addressed in a way that aims to find a healthy and respectful place for all members of the family system with greater understanding and awareness of the past, present and possible future.

Participants may experience one or more constellation formats including guided visualizations, individual constellations or a group family constellation. What happens will depend on what want to emerge when we gather.

Barry Krost has been a Bodywork & Energy Healing Practitioner for 36 years. He has worked with many leading Family Constellations trainers and facilitators in the US and Europe since 2002.

$65/$55 early registration by January 11