| Tuesday, October 22, 2019 |
Global event

Mask Making & Shapeshifting Ceremony with Steven Blaine Adams & Joan Forest Mage

7:00 PM » 10:00 PM

The changing colors and falling of leaves of Autumn remind us of shedding old identities. Halloween festivities invite us to select costumes and masks that free us to act out parts of ourselves normally hidden. But perhaps the most intriguing question is what lies beneath those masks? As the trees are stripped bare when leaves fall, the process of wearing and removing masks raises its own questions: Who are you beneath the “masks” you wear? The mask of your name? The mask of your occupation? The mask of your role? What is left when those masks are removed?


In this workshop we will explore these “masks of the self” and understand the power inherent in masks by crafting a mask of our choosing through intention and shamanic journeying. Various styles and shapes of undecorated masks will be available to add paints, feathers, images and other items provided to decorate these blank masks and enhance their symbolism. In an atmosphere of exploration and play this ritual mask making encourages participants to connect with their inner wisdom, spirit guides, and Source to fashion a mask that teaches, heals and empowers. Upon completing the mask making, we will engage in a shapeshifting ceremony in order to embody this new identity. The experience of putting on a mask of our own choosing will give participants a taste (through practice in a safe space) of how to ultimately embody the identity they desire to live in their lives.

$55/$45 early registration by October 17

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