| Wednesday, June 5, 2019 |
Global event

Communal Garden of Earth Performance: Life Force Arts Ensemble

7:30 PM » 9:30 PM

image: Mask of the Maiden New Moon (c) Lorraine Moretti

Please join Life Force Arts Ensemble for another in our series of Healing Performances, created for each of the eight Wheel of the Year Festivals. Surrounded by the beautiful artwork in the current LFAF art exhibit we use music, movement, story and visual art to catalyze highly transformative spiritual healing.

In tonight's healing ritual, Communal Garden of Earth - working & Loving Together, we discover the transformative power of attuning to nature's seasons at the time of May Day (May 1) which aligns us with the abundant flowering of nature, the peak of Spring, bursting with sensuality, vitality and joy. Through the tale of Starla, a being from another planet who learns the embodied ways of our beautiful planet with the help of her friends Cat and Wolf, this healing ritual through the arts will help you find connections and companionship in this rich experience of life on Earth. Creative Team for Communal Garden of Earth: Natalja Aicardi, Joan Forest Mage, Lorraine Moretti and Kristen Wray,

Life Force Arts Ensemble (LFAE) is a performing arts company whose mission is to create spiritual transformation through the arts based in the Life Force Arts Method, a modern version of universal wisdom teachings that value true self and creative community. LFAE includes dancers, singers, musicians, actors, storytellers, writers and visual artists who use music, movement, story and visual art to awaken human potential, deepen mystical experience and create spiritual transformation.

$30/$20 early registration by May 29