| Saturday, April 20, 2019 |
Global event

Lolo's Mystic Visions Poetry Salon: Community of Humans & Nature

7:00 PM » 10:00 PM

As Spring comes to full bloom, we rejoice in the Earth's fruitfulness, a time of vitality, passion and hope. Please join Lorraine Moretti, AKA Lolo, Gypsy Beatnik Priestess of Poetry for a creative writing workshop to celebrate love and the intoxicating joy of being alive. We will utilize the powers of the Full Moon, the Tarot and the Willow to create poems of meaningful connections: the human soul searching for companionship, experiencing the beauty of nature, and working to protect our beloved planet

This poetry writing ritual is for those who wish to:

·         find a connection to the spirit world through writing about love, nature and ecology

·         begin or continue a healing or transformative experience with the making of new artwork

·         break through creative blocks

·         reinvigorate poetic practice

$40/$30 early registration by April 13