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Life Force Arts Center Youth Scholarship

The intention of the Life Force Arts Center Youth Scholarship is to introduce young adults between the ages of 18 - 24 to LFAC’s unique mission of activating the spiritual power of the visual, literary and performing arts. The scholarship is funded from donations to Life Force Arts Center, which is a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization.

The LFAC Youth Scholarship covers admission to ArtSpirit Adventures, LFAC's signature program, deepening awareness of how to use the spiritual power of the arts. ArtSpirit Adventures are about learning, growing and sharing in a community of like-minded artistic souls.

$95 covers the cost of one Youth Scholarship for one young person for one ArtSpirit Adventure. You can donate the full amount of $95 to fund one student; donations of all amounts are also welcome!

Thank you in advance for generously supporting this opportunity for young people to awaken to the subtle but vital connections between interdisciplinary arts and spiritual practices, which can help them and those they touch to heal, create, problem solve and enjoy life more fully.

If you are between 18 - 24 years old and are interested in LFAC's Youth Scholarship, or know someone who would benefit from a Youth Scholarship may contact Joan Forest Mage at 773-327-7224 or .


$95 covers the cost of one Youth Scholarship for one young person for one ArtSpirit Adventure

You can donate the full amount of $95 to fund one student, or donate part of a scholarship

Donations of all amounts are welcome! Life Force Arts Center is a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization; donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Does your employer have a matching gift program? Check to see if you can double your gift by having your employer donate a matching amount to Life Force Arts!

Other ways to contribute

In-kind Donations

We also welcome in-kind donations of materials - office supplies, furniture, and many other goods.  Please contact Joan at for more information.

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